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We Are Now A Nespresso Capsule Recycling Point

We Are Now A Nespresso Capsule Recycling Point
SAH Floral Boutique - now a Nespresso Capsule Recycling Dropoff Point


Did you know your Nespresso Capsules can be recycled?


The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australian’s use over 3 million coffee pods a day.

That’s a stack of  aluminium and plastic being tossed into bins. Now not all of these are Nespresso but the good news for Nespresso drinkers are that Nespresso has a recycling program and your Nespresso Capsules can be recycled.

Just take them to a Nespresso Recycling Centre - like us, SAH Floral Boutique - and we will take them off your hands and pass them onto Nespresso recycling partners: Terracycle. You can find out more about how recycling works by visiting the Terracycle site here.

How to Find Your Nearest Nespresso Recycling Point

If you cannot come to our shop to drop off your Nespresso capsules, you can drop them off at your local Nespresso Boutique or look for your nearest used Nespresso capsule collection point using this online tool.

So if you have been throwing your Nespresso's out, save them and drop them off with us instead to be recycled.