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Frequently asked questions

Common Delivery Questions

Q: What happens if no one is home when my order is delivered?

Depending on the particular circumstances, one of the following may occur
The recipient will be called to obtain instructions as to where the order may be left
The arrangement may be left at the recipients front or back door if
- Requested to do so by the sender or
- Our courier deems it safe to do so
Alternatively, if there is nowhere safe to leave the order or the weather conditions are unfavourable then a calling card will be left at the recipients door or in their letterbox requesting they phone SAH Floral Boutique and arrange a convenient time for re-delivery. Charges may incur for the redelivery and you will be notified of any additional charges.

Q: What happens if I supplied the wrong address?

SAH Floral Boutique will do its best to redirect the arrangement to correct address, however, an additional fee may apply and same day delivery may not be possible. Please phone SAH Floral Boutique immediately on (61) 2 94809200 if you need to change the delivery details.

Q: Tips for ensuring a successful delivery.

Please ensure:
- You have provided all contact numbers for yourself and the recipient in case of any problems
- You have ordered early to ensure the time and date of delivery can be met
- All field are filled in correctly and you have double-checked both your credit card number and expiry date
- You have provided the correct delivery address.

Common Ordering Questions

Q: What's the deadline for same day delivery?

For order to the Sydney City. - orders need to be received the day prior to delivery date, if order is placed same day as delivery date required we will endeavourto have it sent out that day but no guarantees, it will be then process the next business day.

Local deliveries - if orders are placed before 1pm they will delivered same day. If for any reason it can not be delivered that day SAH Floral Boutique will contact you.

Interstate and overseas orders - if you require and urgent delivery please contact SAH Floral Boutique on (61) 2 9480 9200 to discuss options.

Q: Will my order look exactly the same as the arrangement pictured?

In the majority of cases the floral design pictured will be the one delivered. However, there may be instances where the blooms featured may not be available or may not have met our First Grade standard and therefore, substitution is necessary to guarantee the highest quality SAH Floral Boutique design, Vases and containers may be substituted if a product is unavailable. Customers can be assured the overall look and feel of the design will closely resemble the one featured.

Payment details.

For online orders we accept VISA and Mastercard via Paypal
Eftpos, American Express and cash payments are accepted for in-store purchases only.
Are there any additional charges?
*Additional charges may be incurred if a re-delivery is necessary / And incorrect address has been supplied.

Flowers Guarantee

SAH Floral Boutique guarantee that the web based orders will reflect the quality and artistic design the SAH Floral Boutique reputation is known for.

Common Ordering Questions

At SAH Floral Boutique we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services. It is important to remember that flowers are a perishable, natural product that will react to their immediate indoor environment and external weather conditions.

With more than 20 years experience, SAH Floral Boutique ensures only the freshest and highest quality flowers are hand selected and bought each day.
The most crucial period for flowers is in the first 24 hours, affecting the longevity of your flowers as they absorb half the water they require to survive during this time. This is why we send most of our designs out in water.

To increase the life span and enjoyment of your flowers, these instructions must be followed and include:
- Re-cut all stems approximately 2-3cm at an angle, this assists greatly in water absorption as the flower stems are not sitting flat on the bottom of the vase.
- Cut stems using sharp scissors or secateurs to ensure a clean cut, you do not want to squash the stems, as this reduces water absorption.
- Flowers must be positioned in a cool place away from draughts.
- Flowers must be kept away from heaters, televisions and microwaves.
- Flowers must be kept away from fruit as it releases a gas called ethylene, which accelerates the ageing process of flowers.
- Using a few drops of bleach or flower food preservative in the vase will assist in reducing bacteria from growing which reduces your flowers life span and makes the water smelly.

Unfortunately, once we dispatch our flowers a number of changes in conditions may result in their longevity being reduced. Air conditioning, extreme heat or changes in climate may have an adverse effect on the flowers. For this reason and considering all the possible variables, it is difficult for SAH Floral Boutique to guarantee life span in every case. We are aware there are cases when mother nature may produce blooms that don't exactly have the staying power we expect. In these rare instances, SAH Floral Boutique must be contacted within 48hours of delivery to assess the situation.

Regretfully, we cannot arrange a resend of fresh flowers to you if the original flowers are disposed of, thereby making them unavailable for our florists is a must so our florists can assess the cause of the problem.