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Cyclamen - Some Colour for Winter

Cyclamen - Some Colour for Winter

Cyclamen love winter and can add colour and richness to a dull and dismal winter day.

Similar to a perennial, Cyclamen will grow for more than one season. They will die off over spring and summer than come back in autumn and winter.

Care Tips

  • Environment: Cyclamen enjoy the cold, so you can leave them outside during winter and they rarely need cold protection. Ensure you place them in bright but indirect light. In summer, when they are dormant, keep them out of bright light.
  • Growth: Leaves indicate growth, so look for good growth over winter and as mentioned a drop off in the warmer months
  • Water: water this flower went the soil feels dry, but avoid getting water on the crown of the plant, this causes the soft buds and new leaves to rot. Stand the pot on saucer of water so that the water can be absorbed.

You can find out more information about this cheerful winter flower here:

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We don't use Cyclamen at SAH Floral Boutique in our bouquets but if you would like to give a friend some winter cheer we do offer the flower as a plant.

Check out our range of cyclamen plant gifts here.