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Flowers provided for Jessica's wedding

Flowers provided for Jessica's wedding

This month's blog post features some amazing bouquets of flowers we provided for Jessica's wedding.

The wedding was held at Allegro at Kenthurst and was a lovely day celebrated with her family and friends.


The bouquets of flowers were loved by Jessica's bridesmaids who were delighted to have such a wonderful display of flowers decorating the reception tables.



There were four types of flowers used in making the bouquet and they include:


  • Freesias - fragrant funnel-shaped flowers which are cultivated hybrids of a number of Freesia species. They're native to the eastern side of southern Africa.
  • Spray roses - are roses that grow with clusters of blooms on one stem or branch. Unlike long-stem roses that produce one bloom per stem, these roses create a spray of smaller blooms. 
  • Lavender - also known as Lavandula and belong to the genus family. They're cultivated extensively in temperate climates as ornamental plants for garden and landscape use, use as culinary herbs and even for the extraction of oils.
  • Dusty Miller - is grown for it's silvery grey foliage. The dusty miller plant has lacy leaves which are attractive companions for many blooms in the garden.



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