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Best Things To Do On Mother's Day: Celebrate with Love and Flowers

Best Things To Do On Mother's Day: Celebrate with Love and Flowers
Over a century ago, the first official Mother's Day celebration took place in West Virginia, thanks to Anna Jarvis' desire to honour the enduring love and hard work of her mother. Today, Mother's Day is a global tradition, celebrated on varying dates around the world, with the second Sunday of May marking the occasion in places like North America and Australia.

This day provides a wonderful opportunity to express our gratitude and love to the maternal figures in our lives—mothers, grandmothers, aunts, or any other significant woman who has made life more meaningful.. To help make this Mother's Day memorable, here are some thoughtful ways to celebrate:

Plan a Delightful Mother's Day Meal

Often, our mothers take on the role of preparing daily meals. Give her a well-deserved break by treating her to a meal at her favourite restaurant or by cooking her favourite dishes at home. Remember, Mother's Day is a busy time for dining out, so book your reservations early! Enhance your home-cooked meal with a beautiful floral centrepiece to make the occasion even more special. We love the blush tones of our Florist Choice Pink Vase, and the Posy Vase of Pink Mix Flowers.

Enjoy a Family Outing

Take advantage of the season by organising a family picnic in a local park, surrounded by blooming flowers. Alternatively, a visit to an art gallery or museum can be a great way to spend quality time together if she enjoys cultural outings.

Gift Flowers and a Heartfelt Card

Flowers remain a timeless Mother’s Day gift. Choose her favourite flowers—be it roses, lilies, or daisies—to create a visually stunning and aromatic bouquet that symbolises your love and appreciation. Accompany your floral gift with a heartfelt card to make the gesture even more meaningful.

It's almost impossible to meet a mother who doesn't appreciate flowers, so ordering a beautiful Mother's Day bouquet is a guaranteed way to brighten her day. Roses are a reliable choice, while carnations are recognized as the traditional flower for Mother's Day. Or perhaps a posy of the loveliest flowers in an array of bright colours.

For mothers who enjoy gardening, an exotic iris or native flowers makes a wonderful gift.
Tulips are also a great option as they represent deep and perfect love. Enhance your chosen bouquet with a heartfelt card to convey your love and thanks.

Consider Additional Gifts

Complement your bouquet or gift basket with:

  • Gardening or flower-arranging classes.
  • Unique flower vases or keepsakes.
  • Services that offer practical help, like house-cleaning or gardening.

Remember to Plan Ahead

To avoid last-minute stress, order your flowers and gifts well in advance. Also, consider reaching out to new mothers or those in your circle who might be experiencing their first Mother’s Day without their own mother.

Mother's Day is about showing how much we care. Whether through beautiful flowers, thoughtful gifts, or shared experiences, the most important gift is letting her know she's loved and appreciated. Check out our Mother’s Day selection for more great ideas for Mom!