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Floral Displays

Floral Displays

(Xmas Succulent Troughs & Xmas Fresh Floral Table Arrangements)

Do you want anyone who steps in your living space to instantly feel the Christmas spirit? Then our Christmas succulent troughs and Christmas fresh floral table arrangements are among the decorations that you should consider integrating in your home. Make your home represent Christmas with our unique masterpieces:

Christmas Succulent Troughs

SAH Floral Boutique is really the name that you can count on for home decorations regardless of the season. Our high quality troughs are guaranteed to give you the kind of satisfaction you deserve. With the already established root system, you have an assurance that everything is already prepared for you.

We also decided to integrate baubles and berries. You will be amazed with the white decorative rocks embellished over it. All these provide the trough with a design that can make anyone feel the spirit of Christmas. Expect them to look even more amazing if you give it as a Christmas gift or put it on a Christmas table.

You will also be amazed with the variety of succulents combined in the trough. Combinations include Aeonium, Echeveria, Kalenchoe, Pachyphytum and Crassula ovate. One great thing about these plants is that they only need minimal maintenance. They don’t require too much water to survive. Just enough sunlight will do.

Pruning the plants is also a breeze. What’s even more amazing is that you can choose to stick the cut portions into another pot or ground to stimulate another plant growth.

Christmas Fresh Floral Table Arrangements

The table in your home is one of the most essential fixtures considering the vital role it plays to you, your family and your guests. This is where you’ll celebrate Christmas, and enjoy the laughter and the merriment brought on by the season of loving and sharing while also feasting on delicious banquet.

Make your table even more amazing this Christmas by using our Christmas fresh floral table arrangements. Made of Alpine wooden troughs, a mix of fresh flowers and native ones, as well as Christmas baubles, everyone on the table will definitely enjoy an unforgettable Christmas. Everyone will be impressed with the freshness, textures and elegance brought on by our flower arrangements.

We have another Christmas Table Display available here.



You can also make your table look like an amazing garden with the integration of well-designed and elegant succulents. We cultivated them out of healthy and nice cuttings then place them in a pot to be integrated into a sophisticated trough made of durable and appealing ceramic. With the decorative rocks embellished in the soil, as well as Christmas berries and baubles integrated into the overall design, expect your home to be a great symbol of Christmas.

We don’t want you to mess up during the entire celebration, so expect the container to have no holes at the bottom. This makes using it hassle-free since there’s no need for you to use a saucer wherever you place it. You no longer have to worry about it messing up your table linens.

The good thing about the succulents is that they can last long. Even after Christmas, you can still see them blooming nicely. The fact that they require minimal maintenance – just a small amount of water and full exposure to the sun – will definitely let you see them as among the most convenient succulents to grow. You can therefore enjoy their colourful and attractive displays along with their different colours and textures for a long time.


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